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MagooMagoo 3D Studios

In early 2000, determined to Söderhamn guys Henrik Jernberg, Jonas Lindström and Andreas Östlund to start a business. Their mission was to offer advertising and film industry 3d animations.

Anders Thörnquist met the owners fall of 2003 and saw the trio's creativity and business opportunities. Anders, who was born in Söderhamn, returned home and became part owner and president of the company where he was responsible for business skills.¨

Today have Magoo 3d Studios 19 permanent employees in Söderhamn. The studio is the largest outside the metropolitan region and is considered to be at the forefront of their niche. Their customers include 50 percent in the U.S. and half in Europe and Sweden.

How can a company which has its largest market in the U.S. and Europe operate in Söderhamn?

- It is perfectly acceptable. Our customers in the U.S. do not care about where the company is located.

- Here we have tailored facilities of the highest quality at a fraction of what they would cost in central Stockholm where many businesses of this type available.
We have the internet we need and no restrictions on travel. Arlanda is temporally not farther than from a suburb of Stockholm, says Anders Thörnquist.

When the founders started the company, it was natural to do it at home. That decision has never had reason to reconsider.

- Against the big city has Söderhamn many other benefits as well. Here you can get their voice heard and to meet and discuss with policy makers and colleagues is difficult in larger cities. Additionally, we have received a great response to our comments.

- There is now a large and serious interest from the city side to support entrepreneurship. There are also arenas where companies and organizations to meet and exchange experiences and help each other.

Anders Thörnquist, CEO / co-owner of Magoo 3s Studios.

Skyltar & MärkenSkyltar & Märken

- After being courted by a large number of municipalities we stuck Söderhamn. We quickly noticed that the city had the capacity, knowledge of mechanical engineering and a solid industrial tradition.

With hindsight, we know that it was worth the effort to organize a move. In Söderhamn we have good staff, meeting rooms and an incredible spirit of cooperation.

Says Leif Oberg, manager of Soderhamn of Signs & Brands AB.

The company moved production from Huddinge Söderhamn 2005. From the beginning commuted Leif and three of his colleagues who had followed from Stockholm. Today are three of the four colleague’s permanent residents in Söderhamn. Total of 15 people are working at the company.
- The quality of life is better here than in Mälardalen. Wages are about the same, but you get a house by the sea for a fraction of what it would cost in the Stockholm area. There will be more money to live for. You avoid traffic jams and stress. We help each other in Soderhamn. Business owners support each other and the community helps in a great way.
For its part, the move had only been positive. The Company had difficulty recruiting staff in Huddinge, facilities were worse and the rent higher.

His advice to other business owners who are contemplating a move is to take the step.
- It's hard to organize a move and break up, but it's wonderful to get a fresh start.

Leif Oberg, Co-owner of Skyltar och Märken AB 


Your voiceYour Voice

Their market is not in Söderhamn but their office has been there since 1996. Your Voice has chosen a small town slower pace in front of the city's frantic pulse, while being close.

The company develops and markets including software for citizen communication. This means that municipalities can add documents from the boards and committees of the network and the public to communicate with politicians. Member Regulation System and application system for adult education and the Music School is other software company has developed.

- Our customers are not at home, but it is perfectly possible to work from Söderhamn. We have never had any plans to move from the municipality.

- Geographically located Söderhamn very good to. When I have a case in Stockholm, for example, I can go back and forth throughout the day without a problem, says Daniel Karlsson, the company's president and one of three partners.

He also stresses the importance of good work and has Your Voice by 13 employees have found in one of the old and top equipped warehouses at Söderhamns river estuary.

- We lease premises with excellent quality at a good rent. Local Cost is important but the premises will also work and most importantly, be a part of a pleasant working environment.

- We have the broadband capacity we need to communicate with our customers and develop our software.

- Therefore, there is no reason to move to the big city. On the contrary, we have skilled employees that we hired in Söderhamn.

- Personally, I think like an entrepreneurs and söderhamnare that Söderhamn has everything to offer. And what we don´t have is still close.

Daniel Karlsson, CEO / co-owner of Your Voice.

Ewa i walla art design

”Söderhamn is close. We have the largest airport in Sweden, Arlanda Airport, one and a half hours from here.

Moreover, we have good communications with high-speed train and The European highway, E4 since both run through the municipality.”       

– Ewa i Walla Art Design AB is a company in Söderhamn that sells its own clothing collections across virtually the entire world. There is also a company lauded for its entrepreneurship and for his design of women's clothing.
Entrepreneur of the Year within the county and in Söderhamn course, Net Fashion Lifting in Women's World and nomination for the Golden Button and Gazelle in two consecutive years . The company currently has 14 employees.

The company also has a store on Västerlånggatan in the Old Town of Stockholm, but it is from Söderhamn business conducted.

- I see many more benefits of being employed in Söderhamn. In a small community there is a close and personal relationship that is difficult to achieve in a large city such as Stockholm, says Ewa Iwalla

- When I started the company in 2002 , I received an incredible amount of help and support from Thomas Tiger at Almi. Then I felt this close and personal relationship, which I also have when I am in contact with authorities, banks and colleagues. That's probably what I enjoy most as an entrepreneur in Söderhamn.
Söderhamn is close. We have the largest airport in Sweden, Arlanda airport , one and a half hours from here. Moreover, we have good communications with high-speed train and The European highway, E4 as both run through tmunicipality.       

Ewa Iwalla, Ewa i Walla Art Design AB