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Foto: Curt Risell


If you would like to rent a bombproof room on two floors of 300 square blasted into the bedrock, right in town. It goes well. Or it fits better with a local in an ordinary house? Maybe it's an office, an industrial building or a warehouse you are looking for. No problem.


Establish in söderhamn

Establish in Söderhamn, is a three-year project, which aims to make Soderhamn known as an attractive location and to identify and attract businesses to the municipality. The project is a collaboration of 11 property owners in Soderhamn and in Soderhamn´s municipality.

The municipally owned Faxeparks premises are a small number of fully equipped office quickly leased to start-ups. Consciously are five to ten percent of the facilities in the park available for this business.

- The industry premises in Faxepark are mostly leased to various companies. But we have a greenhouse-like activity in the area, which means that we can quickly offer entrepreneurs who want to start a business, fully equipped office space, said Lars Stål.

- Our goal is to have between five and ten percent of the premises in the area available for this Entrepreneurship activities.

- Municipality can obviously help in other ways to provide premises. It can be done through strategic property acquisitions, where we buy and then rent or sell. We of the management can´t do any of that because that´s a politic decision.

So it was when Faxepark built up. The municipality bought the buildings, equipped and rented out. The houses in the area are now for sale.

- In addition to the office space available in store for entrepreneurs to get started, we only have space for their own needs. In total there are 165,000 square meters spread over 300 buildings.

- Yes, then there´s "Hall of the Mountain King" in the Western Mountain. There is an exploded cavern with a building with many large and small rooms on two floors, which rests on rubber isolators. The Cavern is reached by two long tunnels on either side of the mountain. A bombproof local is for sale for prospective buyers.