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Foto: Curt Risell


Investment grants  Cooperative  Micro Support  Consultant Cheque

For who?                                                                                         

  • Privately owned small and medium-sized businesses with up to 250 employees


• Growth-enhancing investments that lead to long-term profitability and provide sustainable employment
• When considering an application for registration to the non-distortion of competition in the local market.  This severely limits the ability of companies with only a local market to obtain funding.
• Regional contribution to enterprise development can not be left to the agriculture, horticulture and fisheries.
• Payment is made when the investment is completed and invoices paid.
• Grants are not the actions without our consent commenced before the matter is settled. Aid agreement submitted with the application being submitted to The Provincial Government.
• Security in the form of bail must be paid in some cases, Regional contribution to enterprise financed with money from the EC's regional fund.
• A maximum of SEK 1 200 000 may be provided in grants for the same company for three years.

Investment grants

For what?
• Investment in buildings (if the property is owned by the company), plant, machinery, equipment, marketing and product development.
• Grants are made for example. Not for purchase of businesses or vehicles.
• Individual work in marketing and product development is to a limited extent authorized expenses.

How much?

• The investment may not exceed 25% 


For whom?

• Collaboration between at least three independent companies. An agreement must be established between the companies, among other things a governing eachcompany's share in the project.

For what?
• Intangible investments
• Marketing costs

Hur mycket?

• A maximum of 50 % of the approved grant basis.

• The total contribution to the participating companies receive over three years amount to more than 1 200 000 per company including previously received Regional contribution to enterprise development.

• Can be given to businesses throughout the county.

Micro Support

• Small businesses that are less than two years old.

For what?
• Investment in machinery equipment and marketing associated with the company's inception
• The approved expenditure on investment may not exceed 60 000

How much?        

• A maximum of 50 % of the approved investment up to a maximum of SEK 30 000 in support

Consultant Cheque

For what?
• Purchase of outside consultants to develop the Company.

How much?

• A maximum of 50 % of approved consulting fees to a maximum of SEK 150 000 in grants.                                                              

 • Can be given to businesses throughout the county.


Leif Svensson thinks there are many entrepreneurs south that could develop their businesses in a positive direction in the business environment that Söderhamn can offer.

- Stockholm and Söderhamn is close to each other, much closer than many people Think.

Leif Svensson

SÖDERHAMN will be the icing on the cake

As an entrepreneur in Söderhamn you can get different types of aid that is not possible, further south. It might be worth considering if you should invest in personnel, marketing, machinery or buildings.

Söderhamn lies in the support area and this means that businesses in the area can receive various forms of support that are not available outside the support area.

Briefly, the various guides describe this:

Regional investment means that you can get a grant of 25 per cent when you invest in such an expansion or machines.
We can promote you along with a couple of other companies or develop a product you can get 50 percent of the contributions of as it is called, approved costs.

Another area where you can get help is when you need an external consultant. Fifty percent of the cost may be paid in grants, up to 150 000.

- I do not think that entrepreneurs in Mälardalen area in general are aware of the proximity to Söderhamn and the good business opportunities that exist here.

The various contributions are just the icing on the cake, says the municipality's development coordinator Leif Svensson.
- Cost Certainty is also a completely different in Söderhamn, at all levels, than in metropolitan areas. It can be many entrepreneurs confirm that have moved here from for instance the Stockholm area.

- For the good opportunities for grants, I also want to mention Savings Bank Foundation Söderhamn, who is prepared to support the industry-oriented projects that lead to jobs.

Tillväxtverkets employment contributions for employes is an additional grant in addition to all types of funding and support for the country in general.