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Facts about Söderhamn

  • 25 500 residents
  • Archipelago Municipality in Hälsingland
  • 2 hours to Stockholm
  • Industrial history in pulp and sawmill

Top industries:

  • Manufacturing and mining 28 %
  • Health and social care 19 %
  • Trade and communications 15 %

Examples of companies:

  • TelePerformance
  • Rottneros
  • Vallviks Bruk
  • Stora Enso Ala Sawmill
  • Arizona Chemicals
  • Soderhamn Ericsson
  • Eco Log

Examples of premises:

  • Office
  • Inventory
  • Factory

There are also several buildable land listed in Söderhamn.


Distance between Stockholm and Söderhamn is two hours by train. From London it takes an hour and a half and within the same time frame, there are two universities, one college and the largest customer region.

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There are many things that are required to start and run a business. Most important of all is the person behind. It is the entrepreneur who creates growth. In Soderhamn are good entrepreneurs who want much and the spirit that drives the process.

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Archipelago, Entrepreneurship and Flexible learning is the foundation for the brand Soderhamn. The municipality and south ports have together agreed to develop the three alignment objectives, which should increase the positive sense, for Soderhamn.

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