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Since 15 years has Ulf Marcusson and his colleagues at the Job Center built up a continuous and good relationship with entrepreneurs in Soderhamn. For entrepreneurs and job seekers and it have had positive effect.



Employment Agency

Almost every day the Employment Agency get called sample requests from companies with a specified profile. The company wants to hire such a craftsman with special skills but want more people to choose from.

-In most cases, we can help companies with recruiting, says Ulf Marcusson.

-We save no efforts when it comes to meeting customer requirements.

-Before the recruiting process, we feel that it is easier for both parties that we know each other. Therefore, we have an ongoing dialogue with companies. This has meant that with confidence look to us to solve their labor needs.

-Course, we do the best we possibly can for other customers as we do not know as well. Our aim is always to meet customer requirements as far as possible.

-I also want to emphasize the importance of the partnership we have with those who work with business issues in the community and with other agencies and organizations that may be relevant in this context.

Many entrepreneurs have also praised the employment office to be as fast and "accurate" been able to meet their needs.
Ulf Marcusson and their part want to highlight the job in the municipality.

-In Söderhamn is a loyal workforce that is no stranger to change, such as a career change or adapt to new conditions.