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Foto: Curt Risell


Buildable Land

In order to quickly meet demand for buildable land has Söderhamn adopted a number of plans for retail, office and industrial.       

"Land prices in Söderhamn are extremely cheap in comparison to land in metropolitan areas. The municipality has several areas with detailed aggregate land for retail, office and industrial. "

/ Anders Eriksson, Development Manager, Söderhamn

- By pre detailed lay of the land for various purposes, one can significantly reduce processing time for those who want to build in the area.

- In addition to the aforementioned detailed plans, we have urban and waterfront land that is exploitable and can be updated in a plan inquiry. For example, in such a place is the Travel City and it is between Southern Cross Trail and Travel Centre.

- Personally, I think it's an exciting field.

Anders Eriksson also wants to emphasize the speed that characterizes the management of the establishment matters.

- I feel that the municipality, politicians and officials, have become very skilled at obtaining this type of case for decision.

- When it comes to creating the conditions for business start-ups or expansion of existing businesses in the municipality with the highest priority. In my opinion, we are working as fast as it is at all possible.

- For companies looking to establish themselves in Söderhamn, and want to build new, it is obviously of interest to know that the market price of land is very much cheaper here than in metropolitan area