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Advantage Söderhamn

We are not the best at everything. But there are many things we are really good at.

When you see what Söderhamn has to offer you will understand why we have satisfied business owners.
It´s the big picture that gives Advantage to Söderhamn.

One more thing – It´s only two hours from Stockholm to Söderhamn.
Our international airport, Arlanda, is located one and a half hours away.

Söderhamn is CLOSE.


"The proximity to municipal politicians and officials, companies and organizations is significant. The business environment in Söderhamn is good. The people are nice and easy to deal with. My experience is that life in Söderhamn has become easier and richer.

For recreation there are different environments, not least one of Sweden's most beautiful archipelagos, which is easily accessible to all.
There are good and affordable rooms with a high quality."

Anders Thörnquist, CEO / Co-Owner of Magoo 3D Studios

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"We had difficulty to recruiting employees in Huddinge. In Söderhamn we have a workforce that has an industry background and knowledge of mechanical engineering. That’s why we have been able to recruit good employees.

As an entrepreneur, it is estimated to operate in a positive entrepreneurial spirit where everyone helps. The spirit is in Söderhamn.
Söderhamns geographical location is also a plus. Arlanda and Stockholm are very close. "

Leif Oberg, Co-owner of Signs & Brands AB

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"I see many more benefits of being employed in Söderhamn. In a small community there is a close and personal relationship that is difficult to achieve in a larger city such as Stockholm. When I started the company in 2002, I received an incredible amount of help and support from Thomas Tiger at Almi. Then I felt a close and personal relationship, which I also have when I am in contact with authorities, banks and colleagues. That's probably what I enjoy most as an entrepreneur in Söderhamn.

Söderhamn is close. We have the largest airport in Sweden, Arlanda airport, one and a half hours from here. Moreover, we have good communications with high-speed train and The European highway, E4 since both run through the municipality."
Ewa Iwalla, CEO Ewa i Walla Art Design AB.

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"The business environment in Soderhamn is good. There is a forward thinking and positive approach to business that has developed gradually. The entrepreneurial spirit that the municipality is investing in the school and in the local business shows that you are serious.
We hire relatively affordable premises of the highest quality.

The plus side is Söderhamns geographical location and good transport links. In Söderhamn you will always be close. Söderhamn can also offer a nice natural and cultural environment for recreation and rich associations."

Daniel Karlsson, CEO / co-owner of Your Voice.

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